ETAN Logistics, which has its headquarters in Ptuj, as well as offices in Maribor and Zagreb, we provide innovative logistics services and offer operational activities in the field of road, rail, air and water transport.

With the expertise of retailing and wholesale – food, automotive, health, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, you can rely on us. We also trust health institutions and their suppliers.

For all business processes it is important that the end and result is a positive outcome. And precisely because of this, every transport is treated individually, where we take into account cargo, means of transport and transport routes. An important role is attributed to the transport system, which is determined by the type of goods and the location of the unloading and loading.

We have all kind of transport available, depending on your requirements and type of goods.

Our employees control/check/monitor your goods from the beginning to the end of their journey and inform you about the state of traffic. ETAN Logistics is responsible for customers across the entire supply chain and addresses every challenge that is targeted and timely.

Land transport

The impeccable transport of goods is the foundation of business capacity. With a diverse network of delivery and logistics services throughout Europe and with effective and innovative solutions for land transport, we are a reliable partner.

Maritime transport

An innovative logistic approach and multi-year experience ensure excellent collaboration with business partners. Optimal coordination of all participants results in an excellent portfolio also in the field of transport, which includes shipping.

Air transport

We carefully listen to your logistical challenges and adjust our performance to market analysis and your desires. The process involved experts in the airspace provide seamless transportation of your cargo.

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